Summit is a throwback to the origin of coffee, using one of the oldest known recipes to combine the infamous Ethiopian Mocha and Indonesian Old Brown Java (named so because of its 2 year aging process), this blend is designed for those who like a bold, strong brew.

its ideal for that early morning pick me up, or even better as that natural pre-workout! (check out our news page for the athletic benefits of this coffee) although this blend can be drank all day everyday for those who love a strong coffee. Not to mention it tastes great!

Roast - This blend is a medium/dark roast.

Tasting Notes - This rich blend has flavours of dark chocolate, vanilla and brazil nuts, with a smooth smokey finish.

Bean Origins - This coffee uses a blend of Arabica beans of Ethiopian Mocha and Indonesian Old Brown Java.

* A portion of the profits from all of our coffees goes towards supporting our emergency services and armed forces!

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