Adventure (Coffee Brew Bags)

Adventure is our strongest hitting blend, designed for those who like a caffeine hit, but with smooth finish.

its ideal for that early morning pick me up, or even better as that natural pre-workout! (check out our news page for the athletic benefits of this coffee) although this blend can be drank all day everyday for those who love a strong coffee.

Roast - This blend is a medium/dark roast.

Tasting Notes - This rich blend has flavours of chocolate, toasted hazelnuts and honeycomb, with a smooth lingering finish.

Bean Origins - This coffee uses a blend of Arabica beans from Brazil, Bolivia and Honduras, and a little Robusta (for that extra kick) from India.

Our Specialist coffee brew bags (like tea bags) are the easiest and best way to get quality cafetiere style coffee with the ease of instant coffee!

Now you can have real coffee on the go wherever you are! all you need is one of our bags and some hot water... just immerse the bag in water for 3-5 minutes then stir and remove. (or leave it in)

We prefer our coffee strong so the longer the better!

these bags are perfect with our pathfinder bottles, they even have a little insert to hold the bag in place for you.

All of our coffee brew bags come in recyclable bags and sachets and the brew bags are 100% biodegradable.

* A portion of the profits from all of our coffees goes towards supporting our emergency services and armed forces!

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