Filter Coffee with the ease of instant

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Packed full of our freshly-roasted and ground coffee and sealed up in a tea-bag-style sachet for the perfect cup each time!

Our coffee brew bags have been carefully developed to bring you a flavorsome cafetiere quality coffee with the ease of instant, packing a mighty 10g of coffee per sachet (more than most) these bags are the perfect everyday carry, whether you are out on adventures, fueling your travels or just in the office or home.

We have developed 2 different blends and a single origin bag so there's plenty of choice for everyone!

Just pop the bag into your chosen mug or flask, top with hot water and leave for 3-5 minutes (depending on strength) then remove and drink!

Our packaging is recyclable and the coffee brew bags themselves are biodegradable so you can even throw them on the compost.